Skating on Abraham Lake

What is it like to ice skate on Abraham Lake? Watch this video to find out. Abraham Lake (“ice bubble lake”) in David Thompson Country is like a red bull skate park for . . . skates. An Ice Skate Park.

This video was taken early January 2021 and conditions were great for seeing ice bubbles, exotic ice formations, and skating. Temperatures were warm and there was minimal snow covering the ice. We parked and started exploring from Preacher’s Point where it is shallow and (mostly) frozen to the bottom.

Add this to your list of COVID-friendly activities in Alberta, and bring your ice cleats if you are exploring on foot rather than skates. NOT ALL AREAS OF THE LAKE ARE SAFE. Read up on ice safety before you go.

If you would like a local expert to guide you safely you can book an “ice bubble” photography trip through Frontier Lodge. Better yet, you can pair that with an ice falls rappel or a deep canyon tour – give them a call to create a COVID-friendly winter adventure with the option of accommodations in the area.

Ice Bubbles on Abraham Lake
Unique Ice Formations on Abraham Lake
Enjoy panoramic mountain vistas while hunting for ice bubbles on Abraham Lake

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