Teenage Daughter

My daughter turned 13 recently, an age where it feels like we are watching her life in time lapse. I am grateful for the talented Linda Treleaven, who, with this striking photo, has captured her personality in this season.

My daughter is a book-a-day kind of girl. Plowing through series like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and Warrior Cats at a brisk pace. She takes a large backpack on her weekly walk to the library.

She is all about animals, and happiest when hanging out with her furry friends like Notley the cat, Rossi the dog, and Pink the horse. Nobody can get Rossi growling like she can. And nobody can get her growling like her brothers can 🙂

She earns money and exercise minutes delivering newspapers in our neighborhood, and promptly spends it on candy and craft supplies from the dollar store. Her stuffed bedroom overflows with drawing, painting, crocheting, and slime-making paraphernalia.

Unfortunately for my abs, she expresses her love in freshly baked cookies .

Don’t underestimate her shy demeanour. She is fiercely competitive and will take you down hard and fast in any card or board game!

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