Digestable #2: Homeschooling, MovNat, Ankle Weights

Hello friends,

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Digestable, a short, weekly email where I share information, ideas, and what’s new with me. This email was sent to subscribers on January 31, 2021.

Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

  1. My oldest son, Ariel, has completed high school! I reflect on Ariel’s education journey in this post where I tried to come up with best click-bait title I could muster: Top Universities May Fight Over Your Homeschooled Kid.
  2. Free at-home workouts: every Sunday, MovNat will email you three workouts that include a warm up, and a link to video demonstrations of each of the exercises. Minimal equipment is required and these exercises can be completed at home, or better yet, outside. I have used MovNat workouts anywhere from 1-3 times per week for years, I have tried many fitness methodologies: MovNat is my favorite.
  3. Old-person life hack: Here is something I have been experimenting with . . . cheap, Walmart ankle weights. Like many others, I’ve been walking more during the pandemic. I’ll often throw on a backpack containing a bag of flour as a small way to prepare for alpine climbing trips, but these days, to get my heart rate up a little higher on my daily dog walks with Amanda (and stay warmer when it is -20) I have been strapping 2-4lbs on each cankle. 2lbs seems to be the sweet spot where I still have a natural walking experience. Amanda tells me that “a weight equal to 1.4% of body mass placed on your ankles increases the energy expenditure of walking an average of 8%, which is nearly 6X more than the same weight placed on the torso.” There you have it. This behavior is acceptable because I turn 40 this year.
  4. JudahSutherland.com: Judah is my 16 year old linguistic anthropologist. Check out his website for reviews of language courses (most recently, Hebrew), podcasts interviews of his multilingual friends, and to balance things out, videos of him eating L’il Nitro, the world’s hottest gummy bear.
  5. Intro to Ice Climbing at Frontier Lodge: the recent cold snap has finally allowed the ice to fully form on the ice climbing tower at Frontier Lodge, in Nordegg. They are ready to host their Intro to Ice Climbing course in March, check out their website for a video of what to expect and registration details.
  6. Questions to ponder: from Antonio Neves, this week. Though it can seem events like divorce, or being fired from your job can happen quite suddenly, there may have been a slow, gradual slide in behavior that sneakily preceded it. The below types of questions, if you can answer honestly, help detect if you are trending in the right direction. I hope you’ll enjoy wrestling with them as much as I have:
    1. Based on my behavior over the past 30 days, would my boss re-hire me?
    2. Based on my behavior over the past 30 days, would my spouse still agree to marry me?

Thanks again for staying with me. If you know someone who would like to receive these types of updates from me, please have them subscribe using the form below.

Yours truly,

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