Digestable #13: Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, Frontier + Sombrio, Judah’s Podcast, 20th Anniversary

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Here’s what’s new this week:

The Newest PMBI
  • Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Level 1: My oldest son, Ariel, completed his PMBI Level 1 certification this weekend at the Bike Ranch in Kamloops. At 26 hectares, it is the largest municipal bike park in Canada and a must-do when in the Kamloops area. He completed the 3-day course in 26 degree heat while breaking in his new, Trek Fuel EX , which he purchased in Kamloops with earnings from his long days roofing. For anyone in the market for a mountain bike his 2017 Giant XTC Advanced+ is for sale on Kijiji right now. And if you need a mountain bike lesson, I can’t think of a better coach. Congratulations, Ariel!
  • Frontier Lodge + Sombrio Mountain Bike JerseysFrontier Lodge has partnered with Sombrio bike clothing to create custom mountain bike jerseys featuring the mountains in the Nordegg area. These will be the hippest jerseys on the trails this year, but you’ll need to order quick because these are only around for a limited time: order here. I own a number of Sombrio pieces and they have held up and performed beautifully.
  • Neuroscience & Language Mastery – Podcast by Judah Sutherland. My son Judah has a podcast called CafeLingo and in his newest episode he interviews Ali Daneshmand, an up & coming neuroscientist living in Tehran, Iran. Ali speaks Persian (farsi), English, and Spanish, and they discuss the neuroscience of learning new languages. Judah met Ali through HelloTalk, an app that helps you learn new languages by connecting you with native speakers around the world. Judah was hoping to go on a language exchange this past year, but that was cancelled due to government lockdowns and he has been spending hours on this app instead. His podcast logo was designed by Anna Seck, and his jingle by Meshach Tarr! Enjoy.
  • Quote I’m Pondering: “The ultimate definition of success in life is that your spouse likes and respects you ever more as the years go by. By this measure, more than any other, I hope to be as successful as she is.” – Jim Collins

    On April 14th, 2001, nineteen year-old Jeff and Amanda made a bunch of lofty, irrational, and naïve promises to each other in the presence of hundreds of witnesses. As of last Wednesday 20 years has gone by and IMHO it has turned out pretty great. It’s hard to say it any better than Jim Collins does here, and by this definition of success Amanda is killing it! To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we bought each other a new kettlebell and weighted medicine ball. A morning coffee and a workout are some of our favorite ways to spend time together, so this new gear will be a great investment in the next 20 years. We sincerely appreciate the important role many of you have had in our relationship over these two decades.

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