Adventure Club Trip Report 21.03

Our 3rd Adventure Club trip of 2021 was another life-altering success. This was a climbing-focused trip and the early-September Rocky Mountain weather co-operated beautifully. Guided by Girth Hitch Guiding and Geary’s Guiding, our group consisted of Steve Koehn, Michael Harvey, Brad Kryger, Elijah Stauth, Pete Wardell, Del Sutherland, Tim Taylor, Tobi von Butler, Paul Ribi,Continue reading “Adventure Club Trip Report 21.03”

Alpine Ski Touring Hilda Ridge

On Saturday, February 27, 2021, Adventure Club members explored the shoulder of Hilda Peak on skis, guided by Pierre Hungr of Galena Mountain Guides and Tobi Von Butler, from Frontier Lodge. Hilda Peak is on the northern edge of Banff National Park, right next to Mount Athabasca, about a 4.5 hour drive SW from Edmonton.Continue reading “Alpine Ski Touring Hilda Ridge”