Digestable #20: GoFundMe for Andrew & Nate, the Perfect Father’s Day Gift, Wikipedia is Badly Biased, Joseph Pilates, Change Your Tribe

Hi friends,

Welcome to another edition of Digestable, the short, weekly email where I share information, ideas, and what’s new with me. This edition was emailed to subscribers on June 7th, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • GoFundMe – Andrew & Nate Memorial: Andrew Abel and Nathanial Johnson died in a climbing accident on Mount Andromeda on May 30th, and a GoFundMe has been created by Tim Taylor of Girth Hitch Guiding. I had the pleasure of climbing with Andrew last May, and this past weekend had the privilege of climbing a multi-pitch climbing route developed by Andrew and Tim on an Adventure Club climbing trip. We also traced the start of Andrew & Nate’s approach to Mount Andromeda on our journey to the summit of Mount Athabasca. It was a sobering and unforgettable experience.
  • Perfect Father’s Day Gift: double-edged safety razor from Kent of Inglewood. I have been using a safety razor for a few years now, and my legs have never felt smoother (ha, ha). Seriously, though there is an upfront investment in the handle/blade holder, you’ll save thousands on blades, save the environment, AND get a better shave. I not only bought a safety razor for myself, but bought each of my sons one of these as a fun introduction to shaving.
  • Wikipedia is Badly Biased: This is not my opinion, it is the opinion of Larry Sanger, the cofounder of Wikipedia (and also what my mother-in-law has been saying all along, right Janie!). In this essay he draws from examples like Trump, Jesus Christ, and Climate Change to perform a deep dive on the difference between neutrality and false balance.
  • Pilates for Low Back Pain: I have been doing at-home Pilates workouts 1-2x per week to help strengthen and rehab my lower back. If you don’t know the history of Joseph Pilates, you may enjoy this primer from Men’s Health“Pilates was a barrel-chested physical trainer born in Germany in 1883. Poor health growing up led him to study anatomy, bodybuilding, wrestling, and martial arts, which he then used to develop his own exercise practice, originally called “Controlology.” He became a prize winning gymnast, boxer, self-defense instructor, and circus performer who believed in healing the body with physical activity rather than traditional medicine. After World War I broke out, Pilates was stuck in an internment camp on the English Isle of Man. He organized daily workouts for others at the camp, including those too injured to get out of bed, which helped him refine his techniques for a broader audience. To accommodate the bed-bound, Pilates used springs from the mattresses to create resistance exercises — moves that are still practiced today in Pilates studios around the world on the equipment he began developing in the camp.” I have been using Pilates videos from the workout app, Alo Moves.
  • Quote I’m Pondering: “Convincing someone to change their mind is really the process of convincing someone to change their tribe.” – James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

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Yours truly,

P.S. What a birthday week for my dad and I (40, and 67). The below photo was taken by Elijah Stauth (Little Wolf Picture Co.) after summitting Mount Athabasca on Saturday. This objective required a 1:50am alarm, 3:45am start, and almost 1600m of climbing later, a 9:45am summit. From L – R are Adventure Club members Eli Stauth, Steve Koehn, Tim Taylor, Brad Kryger, Michael Harvey, Pete Wardell, myself, Pierre Hungr (Galena Mountain Guides), and my dad, Del Sutherland.

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