Digestable #23: A New Daughter, Summer Camp, Castle Mountain, Corruption is Contagious

Hey folks!

Welcome to another edition of Digestable, the short, weekly email where I share information, ideas, and what’s new with me. This edition was emailed to subscribers on July 12, 2021.

Where to begin …

A New Daughter. On September 4th, I will officially gain a daughter! My son, Ariel, proposed to the very lovely Emilie Perrault . . . and she said yes! The wedding will be held where they first met a couple summers ago: Frontier Lodge. I wish I had the words to express how excited we are for the adventure they are embarking on. Congratulations, Ariel & Emilie!

Summer Camp: Summer Camp should be for adults too, right?? This year, a number of families got together and made it happen at Frontier Lodge. While some of the teenagers were enrolled in Frontier Lodge’s bike camp, the rest of us booked additional adventure programing from Frontier Staff and self-organized a few other events. We packed it in. Rafting, rock climbing, guided mountain bike rides, bike lessons, hikes, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and Via Ferrata climbing. We came home sleep deprived, sore, sunburnt, and hungover from an overdose of fun.

Eisenhower Peak, Castle Mountain – Check! I had the opportunity to climb (and summit!) this landmark peak with my good friend, Brad Kryger, with expert guidance from Tim Taylor at Girth Hitch Guiding. We spent a night in the Castle Mountain hut about 1000m up on the edge of a towering cliff and also spent a morning climbing Kraut Pinnacle … I will never forget this adventure.

Amanda’s Mountain Bike For Sale – 2017 Specialized Ruze, Size MediumMy wife Amanda has upgraded her ride and we posted her previous bike for sale here. If you need a bike like this ask for the Digestable subscriber discount 😉 If you are in the market for a higher-end Size L men’s mountain bike, my son’s full suspension 2021 Trek Fuel EX 8 is still available too.

Concept I’m Pondering: Corruption is Contagious. From behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, in his recent Q&A column:

“Dear Dan,

We often hear in the news about politicians being indicted on bribery charges. Does this mean that politicians are dishonest people compared with other professions?”
– Michael

“Yes and no. I don’t think that politics attracts dishonest people, but I do think that systems that become corrupt, political or otherwise, can turn their members dishonest. In a number of experiments, my research team at Duke found that decisions to be honest are largely influenced by what we see other people around us doing. Take highway driving: If drivers around you are speeding, you are more likely to join in. In the same way, a person who enters a corrupt political system may quickly adjust to the norms of that workplace.

This means that 
the more corruption there is, the more likely it is to spread. Even worse in the political sphere is how visible politicians are, which means that as the rest of us see them act in corrupt ways, it may affect our sense of what corruption is permissible in our own lives.”

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Yours truly,

P.S. A few bonus pics from our Sunday morning group MovNat sessions in the Edmonton river valley. When are you coming to join us??

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